Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings,

Welcome to the website of the Arabic Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Hasanuddin University. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to see the various information available on this website, information about human resources, facilities, and other academic information. The Arabic Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Hasanuddin University, is an institution that aims to equip students with the ability to develop themselves characterized by science and knowledge. In carrying out its vision and mission, this study program always makes improvement of its quality in various aspects of the Thri Dharma Higher Education; learning, research, and community services, as well as cooperation with various institutions/stakeholders both domestic and foreign countries.

Therefore, this study program continues to improve adaptive and responsive quality in helping solve various problems of the nation through learning, research, and community services. We hope our visitor’s feedbacks in improving the quality. Finally, we hope that this website can be of benefit to all parties.

Head of Study Program

Haeruddin, S.S., M.A.