Educational Philosofy

Arabic Study Program educational philosophy was taken from a very popular expression of great wish from God Allah in Muslim teaching named “INSYA ALLAH”. INSYA ALLAH, however, is an acronym which represents the Arabic Study Program guidelines in thinking and acting both in the learning process and campus activities to achieve Expected Learning Outcome (ELOs). INSYA ALLAH stands for Innovative, Systematic, Adaptive, Lifelong Learning, and Holistic.

Innovative has the meaning of being able to devote all of one’s abilities in thinking to create something new both for the academic community of Arabic Study Program and the community and the surrounding environment. Systematic means the ability to describe and formulate things in the context of a logical and orderly relationship so as to form a whole and integrated system. Adaptive is a level of skill/effectiveness by Arabic Study Program academic community in fulfilling the standard of personal independency and social responsibility. Lifelong Learning is a concept of continuous and sustainable learning which must be owned by Arabic Study Program academic community. Lastly, Holistic, is a learning process which encourages the formation of comprehensive and broad mindset by internalizing both local and national excellence.

INSYA ALLAH embraced by lecturers means owning innovative attitude in preparing teaching and learning methods to drive students to think creatively and innovatively. Meanwhile, the philosophy of systematic by Arabic Study Program lecturers is to determine the appropriate assessment in measuring LLO. Moreover, adaptive by Arabic Study Program academic community emphasizes in responding science and technology development as well as regulations that apply particularly in Indonesia always learn and learn in preparing the best learning. In terms of holistic by Arabic Study Program academic community in formulating and applying LLO in the learning process drives students to achieve ELOs.

INSYA ALLAH by Arabic Study Program educational staff means innovatively utilizes the whole facilities to serve academic communities. In addition, the staff then systematically finishes the office jobs, adaptively responds to any situation in the working spaces then always learns for building knowledge and skill. Holistic by staff means serving lecturers and students to then end.

INSYA ALLAH by Arabic Study Program students means they will be always innovative in thinking process which generates solution and ideas beyond conservative framework. In addition, innovative means enthusiastic, not afraid of failure and courageous in doing things differently. Adaptive means the students are ready for changes in Science and Technology as well as cultural dynamics. Adaptive also means always learn to improve knowledge and sharpen the skills. Lastly, holistic means formulating ways of comprehensive and broad thinking by internalizing both local and national wisdom.