Comparative study is an activity carried out with the aim of adding insight and knowledge that will be applied in the future to be better. Activities like this are certainly very good for the development of an expected need as it should.

The understanding of the comparative study itself is a learning concept carried out in different locations and environments which is an activity commonly carried out for the purpose of improving quality, expanding business, improving systems, determining new policies, improving legislation, and others.

Comparative study activities are carried out by students of the Arabic Language Study Program Unhas to visit or meet certain objects that have been prepared and take place in a relatively short time. The point is to compare the condition of the object of study in another place with the conditions that exist in their own place. The result is in the form of collecting data and information as a reference material in the formulation of the desired concept. Preparations made before conducting a comparative study are conducting internal reviews and evaluations, regarding which will be developed and increased progress. After that the draft list is structured according to the specified schedule.

The main purpose of conducting a comparative study is to explore as much information as possible in real and empirical technical ways. To be used as a barometer and comparison then enter to find an applicable update, both for the future plan in the short term and long term futuristically. So in other words the purpose of the comparative study is to broaden students’ insights and draw on new experiences that can broaden their thinking horizons.

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